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Congrats to-


With the national level mountain bike races being run and won lately, I just wanted to say congratulations to all the people that competed.


National Championships DH Men results - 1st Mick Hannah, 2nd Jarad Graves, =3rd Ben Cory and Amiel Cavalier.

National Championships DH Women results - 1st Emmeline Ragot, 2nd Julia Boer, 3rd Claire Whiteman.

National Championships 4X Mens results - 1st Jared Graves, 2nd Sam Willoughby, 3rd Ryan Henderson, 4th Luke Madill.

National Championships 4X Womens results - 1st Caroline Buchanan, 2nd Lauren Reynolds, 3rd Sarsha Huntington, 4th Rachel Bracken.

Also to Luke Madill for winning the National Series in 4X im not too sure about the other results on the series just yet.

In other news, I spoke to Tony Scott yesterday, and the 4x Oceania's will be run in true 4X format with time trial seeding runs straight into eliminations with the possibility of the all 4X national races being run the same, this will be good news for the organisation of the races with all recent problems over the past 2 years. As the system currently in place is too complicated for even the riders to understand.

I finished my first video and uploaded it to Youtube, here is the link, any critisism would help with future vids so fire away. I did it of my first 4x world cup race in Schladming, Austria.

The latest


Good news, about a month ago I got a phone call from a friend saying that my brothers stolen bike was seen at a local shopping center. We quickly rushed down there and waited for them, they had a little fit when we took it off them but in the end they just let it go, strange I think, considering they said it was theirs and they paid for it. Oh well, my bro got his bike back thats all that matters.

In other news I finished the new site layout, although not completed Ill get to it soon. lol.

Training and race-wise I havent been doing alot of anything lately, decided to take some time off since my last post, Ill basically just been doing for fun for abit untill I get some things on track.

Ill be back with avengeance soon...

Stromlo Weekend


A few friends and I headed down to Mt Stromlo last Sunday and raced the last of the NSW State 4X Series to have some fun on the track and have some practice before the next World Cup.The track is looking good with a few changes happening since I last rode it at the nationals, Im hoping they will do a bit more just to make it a little more different.Ill try to get a vid up soon so all the guys from overseas can get a look at it before they come over. Also hopefully Ill get enough time to change this site soon as I have some more ideas now on how to make it look better. Ride on...

Another Bike Gone


Kris Twentyman, A pro bmx rider that lives about 5mins ride away from me had his bike stolen from out of his car on friday morning, outside of his house.Its an Answer 20" frame - green - with all of the standard race typical gear to go with it, mostly profile.I cant wait to find one of these bikes now, It just sucks that people can do this to you and not feel sorry.

Stolen 4X Bike


Well the big news today is that my bro woke up early for work to find his car broken into and his 4x bike stolen, not the best move leaving it there but hey, I USED to do it too.So if anyone has seen it, please send me an email as I would to have a "chat" with the people who have it.

It is a:

07 Giant STP 2 - grey/black pretty much stock except.

07 Fox F100 forks -off white.

Wheels: DT swiss 240 hubs, Mavic 819 Rims.

Syncros Bulk bars.

If you find anything close to this, please let me know and yes I know its a STP.

Back from the Worlds


Just got back from the mtb world titles in Val di Sole, Italy. spending a day in Beijing, China. on the way and two days in Tokyo, Japan. on the way back.Racing didnt go so well for me getting knocked out in the first round as with 5 of the others from the Australia team which is disappointin as they all looked like they were on it. Congrats to Jared Graves for making the final again this year but turns out it just wasnt his year.It was just great to be at a race where the atmosphere is so charged with so many spectators and catching up with all the other racers.Other than that I did some looking around, meeting some great people along the way and have a few interesting stories to tell from Tokyo but Ill save those for another time.So for now its back to training and having fun riding my bike.

Cruising at Southlake


Went down to Southlake bmx track with Kris 20man(KT26) and Steve AKA The Hulk to checkout what going on, they have done a few changes and it look like its going to go off once its finished but at the moment it is as rough as guts. Cant wait for them to finish it.

My new site


Hey guys here is my new site, ill try to update it regularly so thereshould be a bit to look at.See you soon.

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